Sababa Club: Years 5-7
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We arrange regular events for the primary school children in the community.

NW7 Kids Chanukah Party
Bring your 0-10 year olds to our fun-filled Chanukah celebration!

Family Friendly Kabbalat Shabbat
Join us for a child-friendly Kabbalat Shabbat service with a kiddush and hot snacks.

CRP Arrangements
Details of how the CRP process will be taking place every Shabbat.

Brownies & Rainbows
Can you help our new Rainbows and Brownies Units?

Archive: Shabbat Ha'irgun 2018
Bnei Akiva's Shabbat Ha'irgun 5778 took place on 19th-21st January 2018.

Bnei Akiva
Find out the latest our local BA, which meets on Shabbat afternoons.

About NW7 Kids
NW7 Kids was set up to cater for the needs of the under 6s.

Everything you need to know about the activities for teenagers, including our weekly youth service.

Youth Chanukah Party
Our best party yet - book now to make sure you don't miss the crazy activities we have planned!

Youth: Learn To Daven
Our one-to-one programme to teach boys how to lead the davening.

Youth Kiddush Sponsor
Would you like to sponsor a kiddush for the Youth Service?

Bnei Akiva
Find out the latest our local BA, which meets on Shabbat afternoons.

Mill Hill Youth: Gallery
Check out photos and video of some of our past events.

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Find out all the latest news from Mill Hill Youth on Facebook.

Youth Director
Meet Sam Woolich: our Youth Director